Steve runs away…..

So I got another response from Steve over on the “What Does the Bible Say about Abortion” post on Friendly Atheist (go on over there and look through the comments to see the full bit) and decided to post it in full (Steve’s comments are in blockquote and my responses below them):

OK Bear. you got me. By your words you are more intellectually honest than me.

Actually, it’s by your own words, not mine. You’re the one who can’t admit your own words apply equally to you.

Which is why you are intellectually dishonest.

Ouch! that stings! I will just go away and lick my wounds.

That’s quite the choice, when you could admit your words apply to you. But again, you’ve chosen to continue to be intellectually dishonest instead of admitting you were wrong.

Is that you ‘improving your mean gene’?

Wow, what a surprise! How completely unexpected that you’d throw something from my blog at me, as if it was shit that would stick.

Did you actually read that post? Because I specifically said I wanted to “(c)riticize ideas. Criticize poor writing, bad decisions, bankrupt philosophy, crappy political expediency.” Didn’t I criticize your ideas, poor writing, etc?

On the whole, I’ve been pretty nice to you, considering your trolling with “I am awestruck for being in the mist of such great thought” and your “I managed to show how trifling and petulant your intellect is by keeping you engaged for eight days” and calling me “Toady”.

It’s too bad your religion didn’t make you a better person, what with your insults and dishonesty.

Too bad your bible never said anything about doing unto others, right? Or bearing false witness. Eh, no matter.

I did notice you gave up on that blog after six months.

Don’t you know that no blog is truly abandoned until the Internet is dead?

Heck, I may come out of semi-retirement and post our interactions for shits-and-giggles.

I was looking forward //snip//

Do I detect some schadenfreude at other peoples’ tribulations? It’s a good thing that your bible never mentioned anything about do unto others, right? Or turning the other cheek, walking two miles, giving up your coat along with your shirt, etc.

I did notice you somehow managed to present mostly fringe and cockamamy purveyors of so called Christian ideas.

Bingo! I was waiting for you to invoke the No True Scotsman fallacy!

(You might want to become familiar with that one.)

And “somehow?” Do you think I sought these people out? Oh, no. They showed up on atheist blogs, there to defend their faith.

But don’t worry, when I write up a blog post about our interaction, I predict that some other Xian in the future will do the same that you did and claim you aren’t a “True XianTM” either.

Easy targets for you.

Actually, both you and they shot themselves in the foot. On their own. Me pointing it out to them isn’t pulling the trigger.

Your biases are showing.

True. I have a bias against things that aren’t real or can’t be evidenced, like unicorns, gods, spirits, ghosts and that gambling at Vegas is fair.

But why would we even talk about that until you’ve admitted your intellectual dishonesty?

You came across as bitter in your post where God and the bible is concerned.

Really? Why, pray tell, should I be bitter about an unevidenced bible god?

And why should I trust the assessment of someone who is as intellectually dishonest as you?

You engaged a fool in the person of Nick who was poorly equipped to spar with you. Not a fair contest.

I take it you haven’t read the Matthew 5:22 prohibition about calling someone a fool and the burning punishment therein? Ah, no matter.

As for Nick, he said he was a Xian and I believe him on that point. Who are you to say he wasn’t?

As for “poorly equipped,” well, seriously, that’s “the pot calling the kettle black.”

You’ve still failed to resolve your intellectual dishonesty.

Thanks for the lesson.

Seems that you actually haven’t learned anything. You’re still intellectually dishonest.

It was most enlightening to see how adroitly you pierced

Yeah, “somehow” I’m able to argue with Xians who can’t argue. Funny that.

the Amour of God.

Oh, L’amour! (As opposed to “Armor”)

Don’t worry: “I am awestruck for being in the mist of such great thought”

I will see myself to the door.

Don’t think I didn’t notice you’re leaving without resolving your dishonesty. Bub-bye!

Wouldn’t want you to get up out of your comfortable lounger.

Yep, why bother getting up when you’ll still be an intellectually dishonest liar?