Knowing Truth from Error

“The Bible warns of the Antichrist coming and opposing all that are of God. How can we know truth from error? How can we recognize the true Antichrist? The truth will set you free from all fear.”

I took the above quote from a religious mailer titled “It’s Time to Rethink what you Think about the Apocalypse” that I received a few weeks ago.

The mailer was advertising a series of seven Xian seminars, all “free,” that promised “The Bible alone will be our textbook.”

This quote is from the seventh seminar and I thought it was ironic that a religious pamphlet would ask “how can we know truth from error?”

But I jump ahead of myself. I mean to critique this whole quote, not just part of it.

“The Bible warns of the Antichrist coming and opposing all that are of God.”

How do we know that the Bible is true?

Well, it says that it is! Checkmate, atheists!

No, no, that’s just circular logic, the dog chasing it’s tail around and around, till it’s too dizzy to stand up.

So, the first thing to do is to chuck out any circular reasoning. We can’t simply accept something as true because it says so, it’s got to have externally, verified evidence to support it.

All science does this: merely announcing a finding, without data and evidence to back it up, won’t work. Truth requires more than that.

So, without any evidence to back it up, the Antichrist and god are just as fictional as Sauron and Gandalf. And it’s up to Xians to provide that evidence, none of which ever seems to be forthcoming.

In fact, the Book of Revelation, from which the idea of the Antichrist springs forth, was written around 95CE by John of Patmos. It contains John’s prophetic dreams (aka prophesies) of the future.

Really? Prophesies? Really? Are you shitting me?

Why should we believe the ravings of some guy who lived nearly 2,000 years ago? What evidence supports believing any prophesy, much less John of Patmos’?

Well, the Bible says it’s true. Well, there we go back to circular logic.

“How can we know truth from error?”

Let’s see, something is true if it can be verified by external sources. For example, water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

This can be verified by breaking apart water using electricity into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Then, it’s possible to create water by igniting the hydrogen gas in the presence of oxygen.

The chemical composition of water is a known truth. An error would be to say that water is made from tree spirits and cats whiskers and romance novels. We have a methodology that will show, fairly quickly, that water isn’t made from those things.

“How can we recognize the true Antichrist?”

See above. Either circular logic with the Bible or no evidence that such a creature exists or will exist.

“The truth will set you free from all fear.”

And the Bible isn’t the truth. In fact, the Bible is one big book of fear: fear a jealous and petty god, fear the devil, fear unblievers, fear skeptical inquiry, fear women, fear thinking for yourself. All fear, from the turtles on up.