A Decided Lack of Sin

Over at Friendly Atheist, Hemant posted a video by DarkMatter2525. It’s all about sin and the claim Xians make that “atheists just want to sin.” It’s a pretty good video and I urge you to watch it (with the clues I presented, use your favorite search engine to find it). It makes some good points by analogy, which is fine.

But the reason I’m not a theist is not because I want to sin, but because I want to believe as many true things as I can.

I’m not worried about sinning against Allah or Zeus or Odin, and I doubt very many Xians are.

I’m also not worried about sinning against Vishnu or Buddha or Apollo, and again I doubt very many Xians are, either.

There is no evidence that Allah or Zeus or Odin or Vishnu or Buddha or Apollo exist, and no Xian would ever argue for their existence, either. Both the Xian and I agree that these gods don’t exist.

So, much like any Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or Viking or Ancient Greek wouldn’t worry about sinning against the Xian god, neither am I. And Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and I agree that the Xian god doesn’t exist, either.

When a Xian dismisses all the possible, past, present and future, non-Xian gods that he could be sinning against, why should he be surprised that I, an atheist, would also dismiss one more god, his own?

The world completely lacks sin, whether it is Xian or Hindu or Viking or Muslim.