Thanks for the Insult

“No one is really an atheist. Deep down you really believe in god.”

I’ve heard that one before. Which atheist out there hasn’t?

Quite frankly, it’s an insult.

So, you Xians out there, listen up.

We atheists don’t doubt that you are Xian. We take it at face value when you say “I’m a Xian.”

We take you at your word. Please give us the same courtesy.

We are atheists. We don’t believe in any god: Yahweh, Zeus, Odin, Allah. Even deep down.

Especially deep down.

And so, deep down, when you claim knowledge that you don’t have, i.e. that you know deep down what I believe, then you are being an asshole.

I know this is hard, since you’re used to claiming knowledge that you don’t have all the time (e.g that your god exists), so what’s adding one more unsubstantiated claim, right?

Stop it. Just stop it. It’s insulting.