Uppity Atheists

JT over at What Would JT Do, wrote the following in his More Facebook Fun post:

“I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t let it go.”

That one line struck me amid the excellent post.

I posted a response to that line:

“I know why. Because you’re one of those uppity atheists. Thankfully, so am I.”

We’re uppity atheists and that’s a good thing.

We can’t let it go and that’s a good thing.

When we uppity atheists stand up and shout “NO!” to the American Taliban that wants to teach religion in science classes instead of science, put up memorials to their imaginary friends on public lands and marginalize anyone who isn’t “right” with their sky fairy, that’s a good thing.

When we uppity atheists point out the inherent irrationality in believing (sharp inhale, speaking very fast) a talking snake convinced a man and woman to eat a magic knowledge-imbuing apple in a fantasy island garden against the wishes of a non-evidenced god, who then punishes us all for that unless we believe in his son who’s himself after he killed himself then rose from the dead three days later (breathe normally), that’s a good thing.

And to those who think that being an uppity atheist is just as bad as being a fundamentalist theist, perhaps you should stuff that smug condescension. You’re doing the equivalent of claiming that those uppity black folk in the 1960s who were standing up for their civil rights were just as bad as the racists and KKK members that were denying those folk equal rights. Stop it.


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