Self-Programmed “Persecution”

Benjamin Corey, in an article on Xian persecution over at his Formerly Fundie blog, states right at the beginning “we’ve been programmed to label any negative experience related to our faith in the category of “persecution””

I’d like to comment on this.

We’ve all had friends whine and complain to us. I’ve done it myself.

But we’ve also all had one friend who does it all the time, let’s call him Bob. Whatever is going on in Bob’s life, it’s never his fault. It’s because of other people, they won’t give Bob an even chance, from the cops who keep hassling him to his boss who keeps giving him shit jobs to his friends who won’t loan him $5 even though he promises to pay them back.

Every time I hear a Xian in America claim persecution, I’m reminded of Bob. You see, Bob has done the same thing with his life like those Xians do: they’ve programmed themselves to label any negative experience as “persecution.”

It wasn’t done to them. It was done by them.

And it’s entirely their own fault. They’ve done it to themselves, both Bob and these “persecuted” Xians, and they’re whiners. Why should I, or anyone, take them seriously?