I’m a pretty laid back person and because of that, people think I don’t get angry. And when I do, they don’t know how to deal and some of them then think that because I got angry once or twice, then I must be angry all the time. Whatever.

We, as a culture, look at anger as something wrong with the person, as opposed to something being wrong with the situation.

Now I’m not saying we are each, individually, responsible for our anger, because we are. Too many times I’ve heard the blame game, that it’s someone else’s fault, when the person who is angry should own it. No, I’m not talking about that.

What I’m talking about is that anger is an appropriate response due to the situation. I read political stories in the news that get me very angry at the injustice and stupidity of those involved. It’s my anger and I own it but it’s not like it comes out of the blue. Injustice and inequality are wrong and it is justifiable to get upset about it.

Anger is a very powerful force. It helps people stand up to bullies and privilege and bigotry. It prompted some of the greatest acts of civil disobedience this nation has ever known.

And when those in power and privilege respond by dismissing your anger by blaming you for it (a la “Why are you atheists so angry all the time?”), that’s when you know they’re got nothing else so they try to put it back on you. Tone trolling is what it’s called these days.

So get angry when you see injustice and bigotry and fight the good fight.