Far Side Hell

Gary Larson’s The Far Side was brilliant comedy. The humor was cut down to the bone, all in a single panel. No syndicated comic, in my opinion, has succeeded quite like The Far Side.

Some of the best of The Far Side showed a comic Hell. The two prisoners sitting next to each other, with one conspiratorially whispering “I hate this place” to the other. One devil saying to another “That guy just doesn’t get it,” about a damned soul, whistling while he worked amidst the flames.

I think that many Xians view Hell like it’s a Far Side comic, without any thought of the real pain and misery that such a place would generate.

I’ve been in pain. Excruciating pain that lasted more than 24 hours. Pain that resulted from the treatment of a medical condition. The doctors and nurses tried their best to alleviate this pain over that more-than-a-day but I was in pain, none-the-less.

It was pain the like of which I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

If being in Hell for even one second is close to experiencing the pain I did, much less an eternity of that pain, then why would anyone worship a god that would torture someone like that?