My relative has been released from the hospital to a recovery facility. Another of my relatives has spent the last few days with her, sacrificing her precious time, yet there is a power struggle going on. Another pair of relatives wants to be in charge but don’t really want to do anything proactive, or anything that involves planning, or actually sacrifice their own time. Instead, they want to be in charge and control info and access.

It’s crazy.

Neither of this pair are willing to step aside for the benefit of my relative. Neither are willing to put my relative’s needs first. They want to keep control, even if they aren’t even going to use it.

And so they have expended energy that, instead of focusing on my sick relative, they’ve used to disregard and belittle those who actually want to help. And those who want to focus on my sick relative are forced to waste time and energy dealing with them.

The similarities to religion are just too many.