god or not god

Let me tell you about a god.

He created the earth.

He knows everything, past, present and future.

He had a perfect son, who died and lived again.

His son is waiting till the end times when he can rule the worlds.

He gathers those who please him to where he dwells.

All others go to a less pleasant place.

Who is this god?

It’s not the Xian god.

No, it’s Odin.

Odin created the earth from slain Ymir’s body.

He sacrificed one of his eyes for knowledge and has two magical ravens that travel the earth and learn secret things, returning to Odin to whisper them in his ears.

Odin’s son Balder was slain and is waiting to return to rule the earth.

Warriors are fetched to Valhalla by valkyries to serve Odin when Ragnarok, the end times, comes.

All others go to a less pleasant place called Helheim.

Various Eddas describe Odin and his son Balder. If you were born 1000 years ago in Scandinavia, you would have been raised believing in Odin.

Which should we trust, the Eddas or the bible? Which god is true? Which son, Balder or Jesus, lived again?

If the only reason you are a Xian is because of geography and time period, then an equally random accident of birth could have made you an Odin follower over a thousand years ago.