Pat On The Back

Over at Time Magazine, in a recent article about helping people, Swampland’s Joe Klein insulted secular humanists by ignoring their contribution after the recent tornado tragedy and continued the disrespect in a follow-up titled “Secular Humanist Watch,” a non-apology Mansplainin’ diatribe that added insult to injury by complaining that secular humanists aren’t organized enough.

One of the commenters made a jackass statement:

“Organized groups of secular humanists? They are organized to pat each other’s backs for their condescending elitism. Barack Hussein Obama is a singular example of a secular humanist.”

I replied with:

“Yes, because it’s far better to bow and scrape to an evidence-free god (who, if it really existed, could have prevented the loss of life from these tragedies but willfully chose not to help) than to actually break free of ignorant, bronze-age superstitions and think that helping your fellow man is reward enough because it’s the right thing to do.”

Because it is better to bow and scrape to some deity in many people’s minds, better than helping out (or helping out only because there is a reward at the end of the tunnel).

And, truly, that is sad.

We should all applaud people taking the time, whether religious or not, to help others. I’ve been in several service-oriented groups over the years, some religious. Helping folks, not just helping the right kinds of folk or helping only the right kind of religious folk, but all who need help, has been the focus.

Because if you help others, you deserves a pat on the back.