Ignoring the Old Testament, Part II

“No, the Torah is the Jewish equivalent to the Bible. The Bible includes Gen-Deut in the old Testament. But they’re not the Torah to Christians. The point is, when the Torah was written…there were no Christians. It was written for all….but for the Jew first. Just like Christ came for the Jew first, then the gentile. Which is why the 1st 5 books of the Bible are not the Torah to Christians. It has a different purpose. Do we really have to go over this? Judaism and Christianity are different. Is it that much of a mystery? I already explained why Christians are not bound by all the laws of Moses…but the law is a foundation to Christ’s command to love God and love your neighbor. If you don’t get it….sorry” — Dennis Irwin, posting a follow-up comment on a blogpost titled “10 Reasons to Be Afraid of Atheists”

Dennis is back again, showing that he’s a cafeteria Xian and feeling free to ignore the Old Testament because it applies to the Jews, not the Xians. Well, most of it. The parts that he doesn’t agree with.

Note, he says that not “all the laws of Moses” apply to him. How does he know this? More of that excellent “spiritual discernment?” How does he know that his interpretation is the correct one, when millions of other Xians disagree?

Which of the laws of Moses apply and which don’t? The New Testament doesn’t give a clue, except when Jesus says that the Old Testament laws still apply in Matthew 5:17-19. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Just more of his mental red-lining because he knows “the truth.”

He just doesn’t get it…. I feel sorry for him.