Homage to JT Eberhard

I responded to a post online tonight to a Xian with the following:

Why should I believe your religion is true when you have no evidence to support it? Biology and Medical science has something to say on a dead body “rising from the dead.” Chemistry has something to say for a woman being turned into a pillar of salt. Astronomy and Geology has something to say on a 10,000 year old Earth. Physics has something to say on a person “reappearing” after 2000 years. And in each and every single case of the bible vs. science, guess who wins? Science. We know how lightning works, how disease works and that bats are not birds. We have a preponderance of physical evidence, while you only have “god did it.”

This is not original. The word choices and word order may be, but I read on JT Eberhard’s blog WWJTD first.

Thanks, JT. You said it better.