Spiritual Discernment

Recently, I got into an argument online with a fellow who believed he could ignore parts of the bible because of a thing he called “spiritual discernment.”


How does that work?

Does he see a passage that calls for stoning your child for disrespect or because they don’t worship your god, and suddenly, a filter called “spiritual discernment” flutters into view and that makes it all better?

But when it’s about “the gay,” that filter can’t be found anywhere. “The bible is right to call homosexuality a sin,” he says, “And the bible is true!”

“Spiritual discernment” is just another way to filter out the bible passages sanctioning genocide, slavery, murder and rape, while keeping the parts that are “acceptable.”

Except there is no criteria to determine 1) how “spiritual discernment” works, and 2) whether the resulting interpretation being “spiritually discerned” is true. The criteria is up to the specific (in this case Xian) church or individual, and there are thousands of Xian sects that disagree!

They all can’t be right. But they can be all wrong.

So how does it work? No mechanism is found except for blind faith. “My god speaks to me in my heart.”

And is it true? Again, the mechanism is blind faith. “My god told me the truth.”

Or, in other words,

“spiritual discernment” = just making shit up. Again.