I’m Jack to my co-workers.

Bear to my friends.

Mr. Millotts at my local grocery store.

My wife? She’s got a few for me as well.

Names are funny things. We carry them around as part of who we are. We give them out free to people we’ve just met. We smile at the mention of friends’ names. We pass them on, if we have children.

I am an atheist.

I trained to be, and work as, a scientist.

I like to write.

Those are other names, more general, rather than specific, ones that place us in larger buckets of names.

Too many of these general names puts one in too many buckets. How many are important today that may not be important tomorrow? I don’t know.

But like the actor that doesn’t want to be typecast, I don’t plan on clinging too hard to the general names.

It’s the personal names that are the most important ones.